Cafeteria Worker (.50 FTE @ Achieve Academy and Learning Without Limits)

Job title: Cafeteria Worker (.50 FTE @ Achieve Academy and Learning Without Limits)

Company: Education for Change Public Schools

Job description: Job Description:

REPORTS TO: Site Administrator

Position Summary

Education for Change is seeking a cafeteria worker to assist in the preparation, serving, and storage of foods and beverages. (S)he maintains the kitchen and serving areas in clean and orderly condition, supervises students in the cafeteria, and performs related work as required. to provide support to the food


  • Provide adequate guidance and support for cafeteria staff and volunteers
  • Maintain an organized, positive, inviting cafeteria and kitchen environment for students, parents and staff
  • Ensure that all food service supplies are adequately stocked and inventoried to be always available
  • Be proactive in problem-solving areas where improvements can be made to increase effectiveness and efficiency in cafeteria.
  • Help hold students who enter the cafeteria to an appropriate standard of behavior

Required Qualifications:

  • Proven record of great customer service
  • Must speak English (Spanish desirable)
  • Must posses a growth mindset and be able to use feedback to refine practice
  • Successful experience working in a collaborative environment
  • Must be professional at all times
  • Must be a team player
  • Must love children

EFC Core Values

  • Connected- We continually work to build trusting relationships among students, families, staff, and the Oakland community at large. We are an all-hands-on-deck network driven by empathy. We value our collective identity and the individual identities of our community members and scholars such that we have a sense of collective ownership and responsibility for each other and for our scholars.
  • Inclusive- We proactively disrupt predictable patterns of opportunity, power, privilege, and performance. We create an inclusive environment where multiple perspectives are not only valued but sought, where people from all backgrounds feel seen and heard and can thrive, and where we all feel a deep sense of accountability to our mission.
  • Interdependent- Our success at every level is dependent on our individual and collective sustainability. To that end, we are transparent, creative, and collaborative problem-solvers who seek to build trusting relationships. We are curious and are open to new ideas while also putting systems in place to ensure continuity so that our employees can stay, grow, thrive, and help make good on our promise to our students and families.
  • Learners- We support each other to develop and grow so that we can leverage our collective power, intelligence, and passion on behalf of our students. We lean on home-grown leaders who are rooted in our community. Individuals feel known and are provided opportunities to maximize their potential in alignment with their passions and goals.


$17.91 – $22.36 per hours. EFC participates in CalPERS as appropriate.

Expected salary:

Location: California

Job date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 03:30:13 GMT

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