Chief Engineer

Job title: Chief Engineer


Job description: JOB OVERVIEW:
Responsible for the leadership and management of all functions of the Engineering department, in accordance with hotel standards. Manage all engineering operations for interior/exterior facilities including electrical, refrigeration, plumbing, heating/cooling, structural, ground care and parking areas. Manage other engineering work necessary to maintain the property in an optimum and efficient condition to ensure the safety and comfort of guests and employees.


-High school graduate and vocational/technical background.
-5+ years’ experience in hotel engineering/maintenance.
-Certified in all hotel engineering/maintenance positions.
-Knowledge of all technical aspects of engineering/maintenance ( i.e. mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC).
-Ability to communicate well in written and spoken English.
-College degree (in Engineering).
-2+ years as an Assistant Director of Engineering at a Resort property.
-Active involvement in college level business or technical courses.

-Maintain complete knowledge at all hotel features/services, hours of operation, daily house count and expected arrivals/departures, etc. to ensure work orders are scheduled around critical times; conduct monthly department meetings, insuring meetings are informative, upbeat and fun.
-Review daily log books and stay informed about all day-to-day activities; Meet with General Manager each morning prior to the line-up to discuss any opportunities and offer assistance.
-Promote open-door policy among staff members; Identify and resolve performance problems not in line with company standards; Consistently apply hotel standards/procedures in evaluation and discipline of staff; Administer fair employee performance appraisals in a timely manner.
-Create an atmosphere for advancement through ongoing training programs.
-Achieve objectives through direction and delegation.
-Set standards for the departmental in image, appearance and grooming; properly represent the company and the procession to outside organizations; Return business telephone call the same day.
-Develop a list of departmental goals and objectives; Plan for the execution of hotel projects.
-Prepare annually and control monthly all R&M and HLP expenses within the budgeted or forecasted parameters; Prepare annual and control monthly the capital expenditures budget.
-Always use comparative bidding on service contracts and obtain the corporate office’s approval before releasing a bid.
-Establish, direct and maintain the appropriate organizational climate to meet the needs of the hotel’s employees and guests.
-Direct and be an active part of the guest rooms and public area preventative maintenance program to achieve hotel standards.
-Control the initiation, transfer and maintenance of the hotel keying system.
-Reduce waste through recycling.
-Institute and maintain the utility management program to conserve energy without discomfort to internal and external customers.
-Manage the inspection of all building systems and life-safety systems to insure minimum downtime, expense and discomfort to our guests.
-Effectively comply with all codes; effectively deal with insurance companies.
-Coordinate all carpentry projects; Control painting and decorating; Maintain plumbing systems, grounds and landscaping, and swimming pool water features.
-Coordinate and control all in-house and contractor projects.
-Oversee maintenance of the Central Plant; Maintain HVAC systems, Kitchen facilities, refrigeration systems, laundry facilities, electrical systems, life-safety systems, and sewage systems; Maintain the energy management system, including continuous improvement.
-Ensure employees maintain safe conditions and procedures in work areas and other associated areas; Ensure each employee successfully completed the Training Certification Process and reviews all departmental safety information (i.e. MSDS’s).
-Practice emergency procedures in compliance with hotel/company standards; react and assist in hotel emergency situations as needed.

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Location: Henderson, NV

Job date: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 23:22:03 GMT

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