Narrators and Actor/Deckhands for BOSTON HARBOR CITY CRUISES

Job title: Narrators and Actor/Deckhands for BOSTON HARBOR CITY CRUISES


Job description: The NARRATOR will be responsible for preparing their own “script” for 45 and 90-minute tours around Boston Harbor. All necessary historical information will be provided and narrators will be expected to learn the information and “make it their own”. Narrators will have on-site paid training. They will be responsible for delivering an engaging and informative tour on deck in front of the passengers.

The ACTOR will be on the Codzilla, the high speed, wet, stunt boat working from a script. Actors will have on-site paid training.

Actors also work as deckhands with responsibilities for handling docking lines, preparing the boat, etc. All necessary training is also paid time.

– Narrators and Actor/Deckhands will play the role of “congenial host”.
– Narrators and Deckhands will receive as much training as is required and be taken around the harbor as many times as is necessary to be familiar with all the sites.
– Knowledge of the sites onthe Sightseeing Cruises will come quickly. As Narrator you will be expected to deliver an engaging “story-like” tour finding ways to express history/facts/anecdotes in a pleasant delivery style. It is not necessary to be a historian; while some narrators might turn into one you are not expected to start out as one. You will come away from this job knowing a little bit about an awful lot of things.
– Actor/Deckhands spend portions of the Codzilla tour welcoming and interacting with passengers, and injecting a sense of fun and humor into the experience. Other portions of the tour are simply the ride itself with the Actor “offstage” as the vesel does its manseuvers and “stunts.”

Applicants must be comfortable speaking in front of the public. Narrators must have a nice engaging delivery style and the ability to improvise depending on the day and the guests. Knowledge of Boston history and especially knowledge of the Boston waterfront area is very helpful.

Must be willing to work on a high speed stunt boat and get a little wet. Loud music and zany fun is what this is all about. Must have physcial and vocal stamina and the ability to stand for long periods of time.

How To Apply:

Please email headshot and resume to Matthew Murphy, Managing Director, at this address: NO PHONE CALLS, please.

You will be contacted to set up an audition/interview appointment, along wtih specifics about our location in the downtown Boston waterfront area.

Apply by:
May 21, 2021


About this Organization:
We provide historic harbor tours starting in March and high speed thrill rides from May through Labor Day. We also have narrated tours through the winter months on a reduced schedule.

Expected salary:

Location: Boston, MA – Harbor City, CA

Job date: Fri, 09 Apr 2021 22:50:10 GMT

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