Spa Assistant Manager

Job title: Spa Assistant Manager

Company: Totally Tan

Job description: Spa Assistant Manager

Starting wage: $31,200 annually plus potential to earn discretionary bonus, FREE tanning + service and product discounts.

Spa Assistant Managers keep the daily operations of an organization flowing smoothly. They report directly to the Spa Manager and acts as a front-line extension of the Spa Manager. A Spa Assistant Manager is responsible for ensuring that employees are present and following the established company policies and procedures. The Spa Assistant Manager provides support, direction and assistance to his/her team on all areas of their assigned duties. A Spa Assistant Manager is a very important profession in our industry as customer satisfaction is directly dependent on the quality of the service we provide.


Spa Assistant Managers are responsible to assist with shift rotation, employee attendance and occasionally being on call when a member of staff cannot come in. You will review applications, perform interviews and hire new staff. Spa Assistant Managers help train new team members and set the standard for the spa. Spa Assistant Managers will review their staff at regular intervals for performance and provide performance training documentation.

Inventory and Salon Maintenance

Salon Managers are responsible for taking the daily inventory of salon products. Creatively address product display to attract attention and promote sales.

Keeping a list for salon maintenance and keeping it current for repairs and service along with scheduling deep cleaning of the tanning equipment. Any equipment failures or issues are to be reported directly to the Regional Manager and Maintenance personnel.


Communication is an essential job skill in areas of customer service and supervising staff. Salon Managers will provide updates and suggestions to the Regional Manager as well as communicate company policy and updates to staff. The Salon Manager encourages cross-team collaboration and setting the standard for performance.

Customer Service

The Spa Assistant Manager sets the standard for the rest of the staff, drawing on his/her creativity and insight to make the most of each customer’s salon experience. You will partner with the Spa Manager to provide award winning customer service; build lasting relationships with customers, suggest new products, and remind them of the value of membership. You will manage wait time and create an inviting store atmosphere that will also create a great work environment. You will work alongside other staff ensuring that all company policies and procedures are upheld to the highest standards, resolving any customer complaints and/or working with the Spa Manager to do so.


The Spa Assistant Manager keeps staff informed of all new policy changes and stays abreast of administrative policies regarding memberships, paperwork, employee handbook and all things related to the running of the salon.

Duties (but not limited to)

  • Adhere to financial guidelines e.g. Expenditure salon overheads as laid down by Corporate.
  • To maintain and constantly review client service standards.
  • To work with Regional Manager in maintaining techniques in keeping with client’s wishes and current trends.
  • To ensure salon cleanliness and maintenance is in keeping with the company’s general policy on services.
  • To discipline and guide all members of staff to maximum potential, both technically and professionally for their individual benefit and future growth of the company.
  • To communicate through all staff levels of company policies, staff changes, company future plans, management satisfaction and dissatisfaction, feedback through correct channels of staff’s criticisms, ensuring that these are given a satisfactory answer.
  • Together with the Regional Manager to plan future staff requirements to maintain staff levels and fluctuations in trade throughout the year.
  • To ensure smooth running of reception area in particular with overall responsibility for cash and paperwork procedures. To ensure where here is no receptionist that paperwork procedures are adhered to as laid down in the job description.
  • To action all directives whether verbal or written within the time specified through the correct channels. E.g. Staff grievances and complaint procedures.
  • To attend meetings with the Regional Manager.
  • To work closely with Regional Manager in promoting the Company’s image through all media. Projecting a professional image to clients and staff and modeling the best skin that you can!
  • To advise clients and staff of all products available for retail purchase, in order that they keep their skin in good condition.
  • Train and keep training all staff.
  • Ensure that client’s profile is updated as needed and to notify corporate if you feel there is an error.
  • Mentor and train staff towards higher positions
  • Assist other locations with management when a location has a Spa Manager on vacation, on leave, or temporarily without management.


  • Health and Dental benefits available for full time employees
  • Vacation pay and Flex hours available

Spa Assistant Manager positions are not location specific. Spa Assistant Managers are expected to move to different locations to improve their skills.

Expected salary: $31200 per year

Location: Saint Anthony, MN

Job date: Thu, 25 Nov 2021 08:54:17 GMT

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